A lost Pacific island puzzle Solved

A lost Pacific island puzzle Solved, A researcher from New Zealand on Monday claimed to have solved the mystery of the lost island of the South Pacific, though displayed in Google Earth and maps of the world, blame the Japanese whaling ship in 1876.

Mysterious lands in the Coral Sea was shown as an island of Sandy in Google Earth and Google map, and supposed to be halfway between Australia and New Caledonia, which was conquered by France.

Times Atlas of the World identifies as Sable Island, but according to scientists that Australia did a search last month, the island was not found.

Curious, Shaun Higgins, a researcher at the Auckland Museum, began to investigate and claimed that the island never existed, with the Japanese whaling ship that became the source of his error.

"As far as I know, the island was filmed by Japanese whaling ship Velocity," said Higgins told ABC radio, adding that the ship's captain reported a series of "Sandy island".

"My Assumption is that they are only noted the danger at the time. They may record the reefs in the lowlands or think that they see a coral. They could be in the wrong place. All of that is possible, "he said.

"But what we have is a form of dotted on the map are recorded at that time and seems to be just copied from time to time."

News of the unseen Island sparked debate in social media, with a few tweets pointed out that Sandy is also on Yahoo Maps and Bing Maps.

During the discussion, www.abovetopsecret.com became fierce with one user claimed that the Hydrographic Office has confirmed that France was indeed an island of ghosts and should be removed from the map in 1979.

Google told AFP in the past month that it always welcomes feedback on the map and "continue to explore ways to integrate new information from our users and partners in Google Maps".

Sandy Island seems to have now been removed from the map.

Enchantment Bunaken Marine Park Tourism

Enchantment Bunaken Marine Park Tourism. Bunaken Marine Park - as Indonesia certainly is not foreign to it? a marine tourist who became one of the country's pride. Bunaken marine park located on an island (Bunaken) covering an area of ​​8.08 km ² in the Bay of Manado, located in the north of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bunaken Island is part of the city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

Bunaken Marine Park can be traveled by speed boat (speed boat) or a rented boat with about 30 minutes drive from the port city of Manado. Bunaken marine park which is part of the Bunaken National Park. This marine park has a marine biodiversity one of the highest in the world. Scuba diving (sccuba diving) attract many visitors to the island. Overall Bunaken marine park covers an area of ​​75,265 hectares with five islands within it, namely the island of Manado Tua, Bunaken Island, Island Siladen, Mantehage Island follows several children his island, and the island Naen. Although it covers an area of ​​75,265 hectares, the location of the dive (diving) is limited in each of the five beaches that surround the island.

Bunaken marine park has a 20 point dive (dive spot) with varying depths up to 1344 meters. Of the 20 point dive, dive 12 points of which are located around Bunaken Island. Twelve point dive is the most frequently visited by divers and lovers of the beauty of the underwater scenery.

Most of the 12 point dive in Bunaken Island lined up from the southeast to the northwest of the island. In this region there are underwater great walls, also called the hanging walls, or a giant rock walls that stand vertically and curved upward. Rock walls are also a source of food for fish in the waters around Bunaken Island.

If you are curious about scuba diving destinations in the world-famous, like, friend - friends too ya need pelesiran there (Bunaken marine park)

Tidung And Love Island Bridge

Tidung And Love Island Bridge. Tidung Island is one of the villages in the Thousand Islands. The island is divided into two, namely, Tidung Island Large and Small Tidung Island. Use of this growing region on the island towards the marine tourism such as diving and research on coral reefs.

Tidung Island consisting of Tidung Large and Small Tidung are connected by a long bridge called Love Bridge by locals is located in western South Thousand Islands, with the distance less than 3 hours drive from Muara Angke with passenger ships.

On the island can be found tidung village residents and a few stalls that provide food and soft drinks, then this long path will pass through public facilities such as police stations, schools for high school students from around the island, a collection of stalls and headed to the bridge Tidung love connecting the island with the island of Great Small Tidung without inhabitants.

At the beginning of this bridge, it is also a bridge high enough to get through a rather deep ocean basins, where many young locals demonstrate diving from the bridge as a means of playing them, quite entertaining and very inviting tourists desire to join with them do diving in the blue beach without waves.

At the end of the bridge, up the coast of the Small Tidung Island is an area of ​​mangrove cultivation, still performing beautifully explored by bicycle, through a path that is filled with weeds and deserted beaches of soft white sand, very beautiful scenery.